Private Party Ideas

Delivering the greatest entertainment for your next event is sure to impress guests and create lasting memories. From corporate events to birthdays, the best party event ideas offer engaging, innovative and fun experiences for all. If you provide Virtual Reality gaming at your next party, you’re sure to have the party of the year!


How to Create the Best Party

VR gaming is one of the best private party ideas; you are sure to create an event that many will see and experience for the first time. Depending on your audience and the theme, there are many interesting games that you can play to entertain and appease your guests. We can set up our VR Gaming equipment indoors or outdoors.

What are Virtual Reality Games?

Virtual reality gaming is one of the best private party ideas because it is entertaining, engaging, brand new. When your guests arrive, they will be transported into an alternate universe, and some of them will have their minds blown!

Virtual reality games require sophisticated equipment. The participant or gamer will wear a headset attached to goggles. Rather than hold a controller and look at a TV screen, they will be immersed visually and by audio into their digital world. By holding a controller in one or both hands, their movements are replicated in the game. This makes you feel as though you are a part of the digital environment and not just a spectator.


Why Virtual Gaming for Your Party Event?

Virtual gaming is one of the best private party ideas because of the entertainment that it can provide for you and your friends.. From single players to group involvement, everyone will want to engage in the ultimate digital experience.

Parallel Universe is Your Leading Virtual Reality Provider

At Parallel Universe, we will transform your private party into one for the ages! We bring the equipment and you bring your smiles; get ready to experience the very best in 3D technology. Our virtual reality games are simply the greatest you can choose from, ranging from fun puzzles to epic battles in space. We also assist with catering setup and other extras you need to transform your event into a reality.