Fun Event Spaces in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a fun event space in Los Angeles, then consider virtual reality gaming with Parallel Universe. Virtual reality or VR technology has taken over the way we entertain, train and perform employee training. It is among the most advanced technology, especially as it can provide simulations for air pilots and professional training platforms designed to test specific skill sets and memory recognition. Today however, virtual reality has made its way into the entertainment space where it has become a truly fun and exciting means to host an event, enjoy a birthday party or encourage team building. Virtual reality is safe and suitable for everyone to engage in. Learn how you can create truly exciting and fun event spaces in Los Angeles with virtual reality gaming.

Corporate events virtual reality

Transforming Your Event with VR

VR is interactive, innovative and unlike any platform you have ever experienced! With a wide range of gaming platforms to choose from, you can entertain the kids with popular titles or you can hunt down zombies in a digital reality apocalypse.

At Parallel Universe, we introduce our clients to a wide range of games. We ensure that we introduce age appropriate games that fit with the theme of your event. Our platforms include 3D technology and crystal clear graphics. We aim to instantly transport you to a digital universe for an incredible experience like no other. Our equipment and our programs are high quality solutions that will create truly memorable experiences.

If you are planning a team building event at your business or wish to host an exciting birthday or celebration, call on us at Parallel Universe. We are here to help you with planning exceptional parties.

Virtual Reality for Corporate

Fun event spaces in Los Angeles are created with virtual reality for corporate teams. Team building using the latest digital technology captures the attention of staff and supports team culture. Have your entire team take on an epic digital battle or complete timed puzzles! We can advise on the best games to support an interactive and a fun time for all.

Host a Special Event with Virtual Reality

Plan your party at our fun event spaces in Los Angeles by transforming your day into an immersive virtual reality experience! From the fast pace of action games to beautiful scenery and more, there is no stopping the opportunities that VR can provide.

Here are Parallel Universe VR, it is all about providing one of the most fun event spaces in Los Angeles that will engage you and your party.